EAC and Margaret Cole: BIG MONEY!

EAC, also known as European Adoption Consultants, took out domain names in the name of the Russian American Adoption Agreement.


Because, agencies such as EAC have a vested interest in keeping the number of players small.

If they have their way, just a few agencies can operate in Russia. That means prices go up. It is called collusion and price fixing.

Just take a look. Margaret Cole gets paid just under $100,000 a year to run EAC. How much more can she make if she participates in a cartel of just a few approved agencies?

That’s her motivation for pushing that agreement. Making more money by eliminating the competition!

If you want to start having to pay more than $60,000 for an adoption, go ahead and let that agreement pass. If you want to pay a fair price, you need to do something about it NOW.

Contact your representatives in Washington and let them know that this agreement is NOT about protecting children but about making money for just a few people.

In an election year, they WILL listen!


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