Reece’s Rainbow And Andrea Roberts: Have They Stalled The Adoption Ratification?

What follows below is a very intelligent commentary about the status of the ratification of the bilateral adoption agreement between the US and Russia-in contrast, of course, to propaganda from agencies who are now wary of their status in Russia due to apparent illegal dealings with Reece’s Rainbow, specifically the apparent illegal acquisition and distribution of photographs and medical files of children.

There are indications that about 6 licensed agencies have participated in these activities. It seems unlikely that Russia will rush to ratify an agreement in which these agencies continue to play any role whatsoever in Russian adoptions.

It stands to reason that the Duma may well demand that the “Reece’s Rainbow” agencies be banned or that the US enact-and enforce-strict laws against photo listing children from countries where the practice is illegal.

As discussed here, the US-Russian bilateral agreement’s ratification appears to be delayed, indefinitely, in the Russian Duma.


May, 23, 2012. U.S.-Russian Bilateral Adoption Agreement: Is No News Good News? The United States and Russia signed a bilateral agreement on international adoption last July. The Russian Duma (Parliament) needs to ratify the agreement before it can go into effect. As newly inaugurated President Vladmir Putin has now appointed his new cabinet, the Duma could consider this agreement as it gets down to business. But given Putin’s prior opposition to international adoption and the politics of U.S. -Russian relations in this U.S. presidential election year, we are not confident that the Duma will rapidly consider the agreement. Moreover, any changes demanded by the Duma to the agreement would have to be negotiated thereafter with the U.S. government.


3 thoughts on “Reece’s Rainbow And Andrea Roberts: Have They Stalled The Adoption Ratification?

  1. Russia will not ban Reeces Rainbow, because they have money to spread around and are unloading the country of the most sick of children which are considered a burden to them. Andrea Roberts will continue her slick marketing, pr and advertising to spin her as some sort of savior to children. There are some questionable practices being allowed to happen, we are seeng these “Evangelical Adoption Addicts” adopting not 1 child at a time but as much as 5 children!!!
    The other thing that should be addressed is how they are teaching each other how to get the child on the state Disability system to pay for ALL of the medical treatment of these children. In some cases as much as $1,100 a month per child. (depending on the disability)
    Is this why some of these self made “adoption ministries” are adopting multiple childre to rake in over $5,000 per month?
    Just questioning what is really going on here, some of these people have not had a happy ending and the child has ended up dead. Why are we not seeing this report or the happy ever after.
    To make sure everyone understands, Andrea Robert’s Reeces Rainbow has reported net revenue of $1.5 million + for 2010 alone. You can examine Reeces Rainbow’s 990 IRS tax returns for free at

    For Andrea Roberts and her gang to not allow freedom of speech with opposing point of views is unAmerican and violates civil rights. If you are a public figure and thrust yourself into the limelight that is the lumps you must take, it is called “Accountability” and “transparency”. Andrea Roberts should not worry about her critics, as to have a fan club you will always have those that question your motives, tactics and agenda. Simply answer these questions instead of attacking people lends much more credibility to Andrea Roberts.
    are sending the sickest of their children to America, they are laughing amazed that people here would still pay over $20,000 for a child that will need over $20,000 in medical treatment.

  2. PART II
    Some of the web sites have been threatened to take down their postings. If Andrea Roberts threatens with legal “cease and desist” there is a high bar for silencing freedom of speech and truth is an absolute defense.
    If she is silencing her critics it only appears she has something to hide.
    She would not be the first Adoption agency that has paid to try and stop the truth from being printed. These agencies do have a naive fan club base. Many couples are just happy to have purchased a child, they do not care what the circumstances were or that it may have been fraudulent.

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