EAC and Margaret Cole: Self-Serving and DECEPTIVE Website!

Take a look at this.

If you didn’t know better, you might think it was an official announcement about the Russian adoption agreement.

But it is nothing more than advertising for Margaret Cole and her adoption agency, EAC (European Adoption Consultants).

All of the links and phone numbers go to EAC or another EAC website.

Do not forget, EAC is a nonprofit. There are restrictions on what nonprofits can do when it comes to lobbying. Did Margaret Cole and EAC lobby for this agreement? After all, if they are able to “knock out” other agencies, then they could raise their prices (they are already expensive).

But the agreement has NOT yet been ratified. It is not clear when it will be ratified, or, when ratified, what form it will take.

Cole and EAC did, however, waste no time reserving domain names and putting up these sites.

Can they be trusted?